Spirited Away? More like Running Away

Pop Culture .GIF – “Make an animated .gif of something pop-culture centric. This could be animating a celebrity, part of a music video, or a TV show/movie. It doesn’t even have to be from today… head back into the annals of history and pull out something that used to be pop culture back in its day.”


  1. Figure out what you want to make a GIF of
  2. Find it on YouTube
  3. Go to your favorite GIF maker (mine is https://makeagif.com/ )
  4. Click on Create GIF and make a GIF from YouTube
  5. Paste in URL from video you want
  6. Move sliding bar where you want GIF to start and the second bar to how long you want the GIF
  7. Click CREATE GIF and DONE! SAVE! Make sure it opens and moves on your website!


So I personally believe Miyazaki has created some of the most beautiful animation from this time. This film (Spirited Away) was probably one of my favorites that I just so happened to catch on Cartoon Network. I considered myself lucky to have randomly caught this one TV. What amazing themes about saving our world! What beautiful colors and animation! What creativity! And because of these reasons I have picked this hilarious scene from Spirited Away, where Chihiro falls down the steps and breaks out into a run just to smash into a wall. Brilliant work.

So you see this girl running. What is she running from, and to where? I’ll tell you a different version from what a few of you may be acquainted with. This is Chihiro, a homeless beggar girl from town. She just stole the clothes on her back and now she is on the run! Running for her life actually, because that is the price to be paid in her town. If only she had been more cautious. Behind her, at the top of the stairs, is an angry man with a loaded hunting rifle. Below her, at the end of the stairs, ends up being under construction. Her only hope to get away is to jump into the river and try to hide or swim away. Swim Away. A much better name for the story behind this GIF than Spirited Away. Here, there are no spirits. Only thieves and angry men with guns.  Much more realistic. You would be angry too if someone stole from you. But then again you would steal clothes for your back too if you had nothing to exchange them for. It’s all about placing yourself in the shoes of someone else. But in this story, I wouldn’t want to be in her soon-to-be-soggy shoes.


“It’s not over”

I’ll Love You Forever – “Help that cinematic love last for eternity by turning it into an animated GIF.” assignment here


  1. Find cheesy make out scene in a movie on YouTube
  2. Go to https://makeagif.com/
  3. Click Create A GIF and put the URL for cheesy movie here
  4. Set the GIF to where you want it to start and how long you want it
  5. Make your GIF and then DONE! SAVE IT!
  6. Make sure it is clickable and moving on your website


So I wanted to do this GIF because the Notebook is my absolute favorite romance movie and I just had to do something with it. This is also the movie that helped to further my interest in being a psychologist (Allie has dementia). The psychological part of the movie may be exactly what made me like it so much!

It is hard to come up with a story, considering the fact that this is a story. So here goes: this is a supernatural Romeo and Juliet kind of story. This fuzzy werewolf is in love with this beautiful vampire but they must not love each other for they are sworn enemies. If they were to openly show affection, both of them would be disowned and exiled. So they forever run away from each other, only to fall back into each others arms. Over and over. Heartbreak after heartbreak. Until finally, on this stormy day, the vampire decides to try something selfish: make the werewolf a vampire as well. That way they can both be together forever. However, the werewolf knew as soon as she opened her mouth what she would try. He also knew that a werewolf would only die if bitten by a vampire. So instead of letting her bite him, the werewolf goes in for a big ole smooch! She is upset at the interruption but the werewolf shares this information with her so she would not try again. Because of the show of affection, both the elder werewolf and vampire decide to exile the couple together. Each family was so shocked by the lengths each creature went through that they just could not ignore it any longer. However, rules are rules. Exile must be done. And “disown” can be a pretty subjective term. So the two supernatural creates lives together happily ever after.

When Garfield falls short for his lasagna

Animals Doing Funny Things – “Find any thing that has something to do with an animal doing something funny. Turn it into a GIF!” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/animals-doing-funny-things/


  1. Figure out the subject of your GIF
  2. Find video on YouTube to use
  3. Upload video on https://makeagif.com/
  4. Figure out where you want the GIF to start and end
  5. Make sure the GIF is short and makes sense then SAVE
  6. Click picture and make sure it’s a GIF after upload onto website


Here is yet another post involving cats because obviously I just really love animals (mostly cats and my dog). So for this I just looked up a short cat fail video because that was basically what I did all during this past school year when I got stressed. I had to start the GIF a little later in the video because at first the cat was just sort of sitting there looking around. As for the end of the GIF I ended it a few seconds after the fall. I could have just had the fall and it would look like a funny loop but I feel like there is more character, more of a story, with more before and after the fall.

This GIF is just about a very fluffy cat that just wants to be able to fly with the birds (so he can eat them of course). I’ll call him Garfield. Garfield knows his owner is watching closely as he is about to take off. He wants to make his owner proud. Garfield also wants to live out his dream in the clouds among the flock. How cool would that be? To not only be able to fly, but to be able to actively chase the birds in the air AND catch them for dinner. What a life! So Garfield decides to gauge how high up to jump, bobbing his head up a few times, and then prepare his legs for the jump. A shake of the butt, and phew he’s off! Garfield is flying! Wait… now Garfield is… falling? THUNK! Maybe Garfield will stick to flying only in his dreams. And cut back on the lasagna.


Good Vibes Only

Motivational Poster! – “De-Motivational posters are very common on the internet these days, but people often forget about the thing they were based on–Motivational posters. Why not make one of those for a change of pace? Motivate yourself (or someone else).” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/motivational-poster/


  1. The hardest part: figuring out what picture and what quote you want to use along with your goal for inspiration
  2. Find the picture online and post it into gimp to edit (you may have to crop it to make room for text or to delete clutter)
  3. Add the appropriate styles/colored/sized text onto the image
  4. DONE- save!


Growing up I have always been a sucker for quotes, I even had a quote book. However, this piece is not just about finding a cheesy motivational quote and slapping it onto a pretty picture. No, this piece is more of a personal one. Welcome to the dark side of my blog. In high school I dated this really loser guy for a long time and he made me feel so low with his words and actions I felt more like the mud, not the lotus. When you’re around that kind of negativity for so long because you couldn’t realize that it wasn’t a normal thing, your whole identity starts to change. It starts to shrink and deform into something ugly, something unrecognizable to yourself. You look in the mirror and can’t recognize your own eyes. It even affects the mind. You think, “Are these even my thoughts, or are they thoughts I have been conditioned to think?” This happens to many people, male or female, and maybe they won’t realize it for years. But the story here is the story of a girl who dated a guy who threw words at her like daggers. They were so sharp they were similar to a paper cut that definitely cut deep but was so thin and precise it went unnoticed. Eventually she did notice. And she left. When she left, she had another problem. She had to either find herself before him or she had to recreate herself. Either direction was a challenge. How should she talk? Act? Think?

A few years later, she went to this beautiful garden that had the aroma of love and electricity of life. She was taking pictures of these lily pads (actually mixed in near lotus leaves) when she noticed a few radiant flowers towering up over the water. This seemed unusual because she was not aware that water lilies could grow that high! She decided that they were so different and beautiful she just had to figure out the name of them so she could find out more about these delicate flowers. She found out that they were in fact lotus flowers: flowers that are thin and papery, however they grow through muddy waters best. She also found her new (and to this day) favorite quote that shaped her life forever: “Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” (http://www.ba-bamail.com/content.aspx?emailid=20779) Also a Buddhist proverb from her religions class in college: “The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest mud.” Hearing this quote in college was a huge reminder to keep growing. She even decided to get an outline of the lotus flower as a tattoo so it will forever be a reminder to rise up.

Rising up was exactly what I wanted my motivational message to be. A lotus flower rises up through the mud and reaches up high out of the water towards the stars. This is what I want my message to be to the world. Whether you live a perfect life or not, there is always room to keep growing.




Sometimes even a Wednesday can feel like a Monday

Create A T-Shirt – “FOr this assignment, you get to design your very own t-shirt! Find a blank t-shirt template, then add a picture or some text. It could be a joke, a pop culture reference, a movie quote, or anything else you want.” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-a-t-shirt/


  1. Pick a blank image of a shirt design you want and put it into Gimp
  2. Find a graphic image you would like for your shirt and save it
  3. Free select (or fuzzy select) your graphic in a different window
  4. Drag graphic onto shirt image
  5. Resize the graphic to the size you would like
  6. Find witty saying to add to shirt (even better if a pun)
  7. Add text to shirt and make sure the font is legible, color goes with shirt, and size is acceptable
  8. DONE = SAVE

assign3So I LOVE cats, but at the same time, I am one of those people who will say cats are Satan’s helpers. They can be full of attitude, do what they please, and bite for no reason. Or at least in my experience. So the cat image here is a mixture of both of my mentalities when it comes to cats: hellish and adorable at the same time. I also went for more of a Grumpy Cat text here: sassy. However, I added my own Grumpy Cat twist by making the text include a witty pun. Woo go me. I also wanted the style to be something I would personally wear because why do a creative assignment that isn’t even me? So I went for a black and white edgy look that is a mix of a hipster graphic tee and just a statement tee (“I hate Mondays”, “I woke up like this”, etc.). I also didn’t want just a plain white or black t shirt so I picked out the baseball styled shirt.

So you’re in a Forever 21 on a Monday night because your little sister needs a last minute dress and it has to be trendy. You’re also a broke college student so shopping in the mall is like flying first class. Ain’t gonna happen with -1k in the bank account. You’ll stick to your Ramen and thrift store buys. You’re also anxious to get home because you have a long night of blogging to do and you’re already exhausted from working 8 hours. But you figure, you’re already there, might as well look around instead of standing awkwardly doing nothing. So you peruse the t shirt section because it would be the only thing there remotely cheap enough to buy on a Ramen diet. Lo and behold: you come across this beauty. Your face cracks into a grin because you feel like how the cat looks. And also need lots of coffee to get through the night. You check the price tag with fingers crossed hoping it is at least under ten bucks. It is. Score! You skip gleefully over to your sister who looks at you funny because two seconds ago you were sighing dramatically to emphasize how much you didn’t want to be there. Now you’re smiling? You show her your newest treasure, that you will wear more times than you should the first few weeks, and she decides to reward you for going by buying your t shirt. What a lucky day! Maybe this shirt will cause even more luck than that old four leaf clover from elementary school.

Taken 3? More like Liam Neeson must be an awful father

Truthful Movie Poster – “Imagine if movie posters told the REAL story about the fillm they’re advertising. Redesign an existing movie poster by changing the text/images to tell us the real story.” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/truthful-movie-poster/

  1. Figure out which movie poster you want (honestly hardest part)
  2. Figure out what you want it to say
  3. Add the text on top of the blank movie poster, making sure that the colors and font are at least a little similar to the original
  4. DONE = SAVE


So when I came back from my Europe trip a month ago, my parents decided to FINALLY watch Taken 3 (they had been eagerly awaiting my return  before watching it). My dad asked me if I had seen it yet (looked pretty interesting) but I said “Nah, I saw the first one, but after that he just becomes a bad father”. So as soon as I saw this assignment I figured hey, might as well do Taken 3. Also, I watched Deadpool like a day after that and when he basically said the same thing I said my inner fangirl came out full swing. Which doesn’t really happen. Plus, do Marvel characters even have fangirls?

So the story behind this is that Liam Neeson has lost his daughter for the THIRD time (not a complete fact, but hey, this is my story). The first time was in Europe. Then it was at the mall. And finally, the grocery store. Neeson decides that what is best is to just microchip his daughter, never let her move out, and have her take online classes the rest of her life. Eventually, his daughter finds DS106, falls in love with it, and sees my post. She is slightly offended, finds out she’s been micro-chipped, drops out of all other online classes to move to Hollywood to try to be a singer with a blog. The end.

Daredevil sisters take on the Grand Canyon

Are we there yet? “Take an existing image and change the concept in where you are at and what you are doing.” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/are-we-there-yet/

1) Find photo you want to use

2)Find background you want to use

3)Head onto Photoshop

4)I went to select and then clicked select and mask then outlined everything I wanted to move

5)I dragged the outline to my new background and positioned it over the people




So some background: I have been to the Grand Canyon but it was before my sister was ever born. THEREFORE this is me sharing this experience with her in a fun way! I got the pleasure of calling her into my room and attempting to convince her that she has in fact been there and I have the photos to prove it. Of course, upon showing her I just got an eye roll (teenagers, man). This was still fun to make!

This is a story of two sisters trying to enjoy their summer. The older one has a car and was given the freedom to go anywhere! Vegas? Cali? Miami? No. The Grand Canyon! The youngest at first objects to this. The summer is already so hot, why go there? The oldest tells her younger sister to shut up and go with it because she has the drivers license (and that she was born first, because sisters will be sisters). She also loves succulents and knows that there will be cacti and they are basically grown up succulents. They end up taking a road trip that involved snacks, loud music, jokes, and crappy gas station food. When they finally got there it was night time so they had to find a sketchy motel to stay in. The oldest wakes up the youngest and says they have to leave soon so they can climb to the highest peak to do a daring stunt: piggy back ride on the edge of a cliff. This may not seem crazy but as you can see from their evidence, they were two steps from death. However, they did survive and make it back home in one piece. Oh, and with a few baby cacti.

This was an overall fun piece to do. I had to fiddle with Photoshop a little bit to figure out how to select the picture and not the background but I think it turned out okay. I think I don’t like how the original photo was smaller than the new background because I think the quality looks pretty bad but I guess I have made worse! And honestly I am so proud for thinking of this photo AND the Canyon in less than 10 minutes (I am not very creative lol).



Reflection for Part 1:

I think the first thing I really understood and never thought of before was that designs are often created for timelessness and long lasting relevance and not for trends. This sounds almost impossible to me because how exactly does one know it will be long-lasting? Is it based off of previous things, because if so, is it really unique? Then I read that a design might need an explanation but should be figured out by the onlooker. This stood out to me because this is how I feel about most of my own photos and it makes this class so challenging. What gets me really excited about all the readings and resources so far is the fact that Gestalt psychology has an influence in art! As a psych major, I find this extremely relevant to my life and also exciting because I found I came into this class knowing something (even if small). Personally, I found it really confusing that discipline is a thing when it comes to design. For me, design is a form of art and when I think art I typically think about all the really abstract and chaotic just random art pieces I have seen in museums. To me art is abstract! Of course this isn’t truth and there are many forms of art but this just really threw me for a loop. Also the whole ambiguous part threw me off. You would think art is supposed to contradict sometimes and that “loss of control” is all part of the experience! I mean I understand that this could just be an opinion or just about design, but personally my favorite pieces are abstract and complicated. Also, to me the entire appropriateness section seemed vague and subjective. Like does every single piece in my design have to have meaning and “appropriate” font/text/style/etc.? And this in itself seems very vague and subjective because what is the standard? What is appropriate to a toddler may be different from an adult. Anyways, I also found it interesting that primary colors are heavily used because they are tied to timelessness! Now I won’t be able to stop seeing red, blue and yellow in logos! I was also pleased by the whole “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” theme here with not changing logos for the sake of it! I always wondered why a company would change a logo every once in a while and then have the whole “throwback” soda labels or anniversary candy bags.

Part 2:

This section was VERY hard for me to comprehend and get through. The fact it was mostly about pages and their setups versus the art side really made the pages go by slow compared to part one. I even think my favorite sections had to do with art more than the paper layout: texture, color, and white space. I like that the author said that light helps to give artifacts expression. I also never would have considered to think about the texture, or even color, of the objects I was taking pictures of until this article. I wouldn’t have broken down the objects into “well this one shines nice while this one looks dull so let me do X to make X happen”. I like in color how the author brought up how the primary colors are mostly used but pastels and black/white have their times too. I wonder which times each is appropriate and what it would say about someone (psychologically) if they prefer one over the other two. I really enjoyed that the author thinks that white space is just as important as the type. This is a unique idea but makes complete sense when thinking about why spacing and fonts and type sizes are important features to begin wiht: they all have to do with white space and the layout’s look in general!