I never thought I would cheer on drug smugglers

So for This American Life I chose to listen to “Getting Away With It” simply because I had no clue what they were all about so I chose the one that sounded the most psychological. So at first it almost sounds like Ira and the man are on a plane with the loud/noisy background sound. Then I figure out they are (or at least Ira wants it to seem this way). Also it sounds like a guy is telling a story and Ira is like a narrator AND an interviewer. At first this threw me off because I was hearing the same voice twice but one was giving background while the other was conversational. This ended up being very confusing haha.

The second story was interesting because at first it starts out sounding sunny and happy then turns into this suspenseful, mysterious music when  it came to the fortune-teller lady who did some ritual on whether or not the checkpoint will be open. The sound at the open checkpoint was interesting because it almost sounds like time ticking away (more suspense), I like that the jovial music plays when they are just riding in the car. Then a low background music plays that makes me feel anxious which must be what the producer planned because now there is some serious trouble with the dad heading right to the checkpoint with drugs! This is also interesting because rationally I should be excited, “Yaaay the evil-doers getting caught”. But being caught in the story made me feel a similar fear/anxiety as the narrator. I also really liked how this one narrator was able to portray and speak/think for his parents and the checkpoint guards. I enjoyed how the low, lazy music almost sounded like the sun going down, like it was supposed to tell you it was becoming night time before he even spoke.I was just overall sucked into this story about how this kid got dragged into his parents “career” and the effects on him as a bystander.

The last story was honestly super boring to me compared to the first two because it felt very broken up with Ira’s narration AND the many different interviews AND just the fact it was mostly politics. It is also hard to keep track of who is who and matching the voices to the character (I have never had to learn to deal with this until listening to an audio story!). I did like that he did the background before the story because all he had to do was reference it and I knew exactly what Ira was talking about versus taking out 15 minutes to explain it within the story. I personally thought it was funny that Ira did the whole spiel (in Part one of our assignments) about how you need to forget high school English stories with the topic sentence and then evidence BUT Ira basically set up his last Act in this exact way. He would give background and a statement then have the other characters fill in the blanks and offer more information to explain his statement. For as much as I hate politics I really like the way the legislator (?) for Oklahoma sold his bill. He pointed out what the people wanted to hear and then used logic and numbers to basically say, “You want this bill to pass because this will save us so much money in the long run and it’s good for society.”

This first audio story was pretty hard to reflect on because I was bouncing back and forth between reflecting on the story itself and then the techniques Ira used to make this.

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