Sometimes even a Wednesday can feel like a Monday

Create A T-Shirt – “FOr this assignment, you get to design your very own t-shirt! Find a blank t-shirt template, then add a picture or some text. It could be a joke, a pop culture reference, a movie quote, or anything else you want.”


  1. Pick a blank image of a shirt design you want and put it into Gimp
  2. Find a graphic image you would like for your shirt and save it
  3. Free select (or fuzzy select) your graphic in a different window
  4. Drag graphic onto shirt image
  5. Resize the graphic to the size you would like
  6. Find witty saying to add to shirt (even better if a pun)
  7. Add text to shirt and make sure the font is legible, color goes with shirt, and size is acceptable
  8. DONE = SAVE

assign3So I LOVE cats, but at the same time, I am one of those people who will say cats are Satan’s helpers. They can be full of attitude, do what they please, and bite for no reason. Or at least in my experience. So the cat image here is a mixture of both of my mentalities when it comes to cats: hellish and adorable at the same time. I also went for more of a Grumpy Cat text here: sassy. However, I added my own Grumpy Cat twist by making the text include a witty pun. Woo go me. I also wanted the style to be something I would personally wear because why do a creative assignment that isn’t even me? So I went for a black and white edgy look that is a mix of a hipster graphic tee and just a statement tee (“I hate Mondays”, “I woke up like this”, etc.). I also didn’t want just a plain white or black t shirt so I picked out the baseball styled shirt.

So you’re in a Forever 21 on a Monday night because your little sister needs a last minute dress and it has to be trendy. You’re also a broke college student so shopping in the mall is like flying first class. Ain’t gonna happen with -1k in the bank account. You’ll stick to your Ramen and thrift store buys. You’re also anxious to get home because you have a long night of blogging to do and you’re already exhausted from working 8 hours. But you figure, you’re already there, might as well look around instead of standing awkwardly doing nothing. So you peruse the t shirt section because it would be the only thing there remotely cheap enough to buy on a Ramen diet. Lo and behold: you come across this beauty. Your face cracks into a grin because you feel like how the cat looks. And also need lots of coffee to get through the night. You check the price tag with fingers crossed hoping it is at least under ten bucks. It is. Score! You skip gleefully over to your sister who looks at you funny because two seconds ago you were sighing dramatically to emphasize how much you didn’t want to be there. Now you’re smiling? You show her your newest treasure, that you will wear more times than you should the first few weeks, and she decides to reward you for going by buying your t shirt. What a lucky day! Maybe this shirt will cause even more luck than that old four leaf clover from elementary school.

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