My sign is a Cancer. Oh you meant sign as in language? OK.

Signing Words was a pretty straightforward assignment. I myself tried so desperately to learn how to sign these words but when it took me 45 minutes just to remember the first two (and shortest) words I reached out to my sister. My sister likes to learn languages for fun, and sign language just so happens to be one of the few languages she is learning on Duolingo (something like that). And since the assignment said “take a video of yourself or someone else” to finger spell some words, I figured why not ask for help? Even if it involves swallowing my pride to let my 11 year old sister help me.

So another main character of my final project story is the old lady, Mary. Mary is deaf so she knows sign language and signs out what my sister here signed. Can you guess what it is? If not, stay tuned to my final final project! The story will reveal all!

First I simply opened up my Movie Maker app that came with my laptop.


Then I had my sister take my place, showed her how to record and stop, and left the room so she wasn’t nervous.


She signed out the words and then I saved and uploaded the video to here!

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