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Splash the Color- Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object, e.g. a green apple on a table. Think of the Girl in the red dress from Schindler’s List.


So I chose this for my first visual assignment because I have seen other people do this effect and have always wanted a reason to try it for myself. I also chose this picture because it looks like something from a fairy-tale: little houses surrounded by a little lake. I wait for the mini gnomes to come outside. Or even a bird to peep out. I also wanted to keep the houses original color and instead accidentally chose the water. However, I was actually very pleased with this for two reasons: the green is actually a reflection of the canopy of trees around the pond, not the water itself, and two, if I only left the original color on the houses then most of the picture would be a melancholy black and white. The green adds the spunk and breaks up the gray. I personally love Miyazaki films and this looks like an image you could find in one of his beautiful movies (with more color of course).

All I really did for this is use an app that selected a color to keep and make the rest of the picture¬† black and white. I also just recently watched Schindler’s List and felt pretty cool creating that famous red coat scene effect with my pond.



4 thoughts on “A Green Portal

  1. Every time I see photos like these I think of Schindler’s List too! Such a sad movie but beautiful cinematography and that image is imprinted in my brain of the little girl in the red coat.

    1. I had to read it for my Psych in Europe trip because we were going to visit a concentration camp and the movie probably altered my entire experience (for the better). In a way visiting Dachau was similar to the movie in the way they were both so easily imprinted on the brain.

  2. Did you make this yours self? I have not seen Schindler’s list but this art work that you have put together is amazing . When I first saw it I thought i was moss as the green. But when I clicked on the actual picture I saw that is was sorta some kind of water plant life? But needless to say the green brings out the color in the midst of the gray

    1. Omg thank you that means a lot to me! Yeah I believe the green is actually the reflection of the trees plus the color of the water maybe.

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