You can call me Picasso

So I decided to draw this because I was in the car when I read the assignment and looked outside and the first thing I saw were the storm clouds. Of course this wouldn’t be much better if it wasn’t a continuous line buuuut I never claimed to be an artist! If anyone would like my autograph please hand over 100 bucks.

“Did you really just say/do that?”

So this Daily Create made me realize how unflattering a photo is of you when you look like this instead of smiling or something. Or maybe it’s just my face, not the photo. Oops. So yeah, what I did here was think of a time when someone said something really stupid (think politics) or cut me off without even using their blinker, and then I took the photo. Typically people say, “Bite your tongue” when it comes to not saying nice things. However, I usually bite my lip. And now I realize that this just makes me look angry, but I promise you, I rarely get angry. So now if you see me making this face you know exactly what it means!

Hello, my name is Ciera and I am a shadow alien. Don’t worry, I come in peace.

You and Your Shadow – could have been easier to capture if I was smarter and wore shoes onto my hot driveway. No matter what I did I looked like a giant lump but you know, I added some peace sign flare, so that’s good.

Going out of my comfort zone on this; please scroll past now

So this week is going to be super stressful with the whole recording my voice thing because I either sound like a 50 year old man or a 5 year old. Plus I might have voice fright okay, it’s a real thing I promise. But anyways, here’s my “oh yeah” that kinda feels like “oh no”. Enjoy but not too much please.

The bangs are gone but the sass isn’t.

It’s weird to me that I used to have bangs and wear sunglasses allll the time because now I hate both. Also I used to do this cute scrunchy face thing but when I tried to recreate it I looked like I was just in pain so I stuck to something safer.