Don’t carrot all about what they think!

Carrot people! “What would Carrot People look like?”

Not sure if this counts as a collage or not but these are just two different races of the many races of carrot people: purple carrots and orange carrots. Many people may think the purple carrots are weird because they aren’t the stereotypical orange carrot. BUT that doesn’t matter in the carrot world! To them: it’s carrots versus the world!

A sunset is twice as romantic in Paris

“Make a dramatic photo at sunrise or sunset.”

I was going to use a picture I took at sunset by my house, but I think the view here (the top of Paris’ largest building) is much more appealing. I took this a few weeks ago on my Europe trip and just had to use it. Seems pretty dramatic to me. Could be from some chick flick/ romance movie about a group of girls traveling to Paris to find the love of their lives on the top of this tall building and holding champagne. Of course there has to be a happy ending and they all get married and have babies and live in Paris the rest of their lives. All I really did to this image was sharpen it a little so the buildings below weren’t so blurry and instead were part of the whole image instead of just a focus on the Eiffel Tower. I like this effect because it isn’t SUPER obvious where I was at first (the Tower is the focus but there’s more going on than justĀ the tower).

A walk with man’s best friend

“Show us where, how you walk. Bonus points for cheery music.”

I knew I wanted to walk outside but when I saw my dog, Bella, I knew I had to put her in the video. Who can resist those puppy dog eyes and that wagging tail? This too is like a story in itself. People who may watch could think “Who are these people?” “Where are they now and where are they going?” The mystery is what makes this piece fun.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

“Find a famous literary quote (idealy by a famous literary person) and create something that shows the first draft versions that did not make the cut. Like the notes the writer might have done on a sketch pad.”

I just really enjoyed the book Perks of Being a Wallflower, and this is my favorite quote. This is interesting because the work itself (although not too great) tells it’s own story of the author attempting to write the famous quote.