A sunset is twice as romantic in Paris

“Make a dramatic photo at sunrise or sunset.” http://daily.ds106.us/tdc1629/

I was going to use a picture I took at sunset by my house, but I think the view here (the top of Paris’ largest building) is much more appealing. I took this a few weeks ago on my Europe trip and just had to use it. Seems pretty dramatic to me. Could be from some chick flick/ romance movie about a group of girls traveling to Paris to find the love of their lives on the top of this tall building and holding champagne. Of course there has to be a happy ending and they all get married and have babies and live in Paris the rest of their lives. All I really did to this image was sharpen it a little so the buildings below weren’t so blurry and instead were part of the whole image instead of just a focus on the Eiffel Tower. I like this effect because it isn’t SUPER obvious where I was at first (the Tower is the focus but there’s more going on than justĀ the tower).

6 thoughts on “A sunset is twice as romantic in Paris

  1. wow this is really pretty!! It really looks like you took time to “Capture the Moment”. Seems like you really thought about the angle to take it best from. What where your thoughts when you where taking it ? Did it play a part in the composition ?

    1. Thank you! I mostly just wanted to capture this international symbol with a background of day, sunset and night with a mix of “I can’t believe I am actually here and seeing this right now”. I definitely believe the beauty I saw in the moment was conveyed through the image, which was satisfying!

  2. I love this daily create especially because of the European theme. I’ve always wanted to see Paris but have never had the opportunity. I like how you blended this world known icon with the sunset.

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