“It’s not over”

I’ll Love You Forever – “Help that cinematic love last for eternity by turning it into an animated GIF.” assignment here


  1. Find cheesy make out scene in a movie on YouTube
  2. Go to https://makeagif.com/
  3. Click Create A GIF and put the URL for cheesy movie here
  4. Set the GIF to where you want it to start and how long you want it
  5. Make your GIF and then DONE! SAVE IT!
  6. Make sure it is clickable and moving on your website


So I wanted to do this GIF because the Notebook is my absolute favorite romance movie and I just had to do something with it. This is also the movie that helped to further my interest in being a psychologist (Allie has dementia). The psychological part of the movie may be exactly what made me like it so much!

It is hard to come up with a story, considering the fact that this is a story. So here goes: this is a supernatural Romeo and Juliet kind of story. This fuzzy werewolf is in love with this beautiful vampire but they must not love each other for they are sworn enemies. If they were to openly show affection, both of them would be disowned and exiled. So they forever run away from each other, only to fall back into each others arms. Over and over. Heartbreak after heartbreak. Until finally, on this stormy day, the vampire decides to try something selfish: make the werewolf a vampire as well. That way they can both be together forever. However, the werewolf knew as soon as she opened her mouth what she would try. He also knew that a werewolf would only die if bitten by a vampire. So instead of letting her bite him, the werewolf goes in for a big ole smooch! She is upset at the interruption but the werewolf shares this information with her so she would not try again. Because of the show of affection, both the elder werewolf and vampire decide to exile the couple together. Each family was so shocked by the lengths each creature went through that they just could not ignore it any longer. However, rules are rules. Exile must be done. And “disown” can be a pretty subjective term. So the two supernatural creates lives together happily ever after.

When Garfield falls short for his lasagna

Animals Doing Funny Things – “Find any thing that has something to do with an animal doing something funny. Turn it into a GIF!” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/animals-doing-funny-things/


  1. Figure out the subject of your GIF
  2. Find video on YouTube to use
  3. Upload video on https://makeagif.com/
  4. Figure out where you want the GIF to start and end
  5. Make sure the GIF is short and makes sense then SAVE
  6. Click picture and make sure it’s a GIF after upload onto website


Here is yet another post involving cats because obviously I just really love animals (mostly cats and my dog). So for this I just looked up a short cat fail video because that was basically what I did all during this past school year when I got stressed. I had to start the GIF a little later in the video because at first the cat was just sort of sitting there looking around. As for the end of the GIF I ended it a few seconds after the fall. I could have just had the fall and it would look like a funny loop but I feel like there is more character, more of a story, with more before and after the fall.

This GIF is just about a very fluffy cat that just wants to be able to fly with the birds (so he can eat them of course). I’ll call him Garfield. Garfield knows his owner is watching closely as he is about to take off. He wants to make his owner proud. Garfield also wants to live out his dream in the clouds among the flock. How cool would that be? To not only be able to fly, but to be able to actively chase the birds in the air AND catch them for dinner. What a life! So Garfield decides to gauge how high up to jump, bobbing his head up a few times, and then prepare his legs for the jump. A shake of the butt, and phew he’s off! Garfield is flying! Wait… now Garfield is… falling? THUNK! Maybe Garfield will stick to flying only in his dreams. And cut back on the lasagna.