Daredevil sisters take on the Grand Canyon

Are we there yet? “Take an existing image and change the concept in where you are at and what you are doing.” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/are-we-there-yet/

1) Find photo you want to use

2)Find background you want to use

3)Head onto Photoshop

4)I went to select and then clicked select and mask then outlined everything I wanted to move

5)I dragged the outline to my new background and positioned it over the people




So some background: I have been to the Grand Canyon but it was before my sister was ever born. THEREFORE this is me sharing this experience with her in a fun way! I got the pleasure of calling her into my room and attempting to convince her that she has in fact been there and I have the photos to prove it. Of course, upon showing her I just got an eye roll (teenagers, man). This was still fun to make!

This is a story of two sisters trying to enjoy their summer. The older one has a car and was given the freedom to go anywhere! Vegas? Cali? Miami? No. The Grand Canyon! The youngest at first objects to this. The summer is already so hot, why go there? The oldest tells her younger sister to shut up and go with it because she has the drivers license (and that she was born first, because sisters will be sisters). She also loves succulents and knows that there will be cacti and they are basically grown up succulents. They end up taking a road trip that involved snacks, loud music, jokes, and crappy gas station food. When they finally got there it was night time so they had to find a sketchy motel to stay in. The oldest wakes up the youngest and says they have to leave soon so they can climb to the highest peak to do a daring stunt: piggy back ride on the edge of a cliff. This may not seem crazy but as you can see from their evidence, they were two steps from death. However, they did survive and make it back home in one piece. Oh, and with a few baby cacti.

This was an overall fun piece to do. I had to fiddle with Photoshop a little bit to figure out how to select the picture and not the background but I think it turned out okay. I think I don’t like how the original photo was smaller than the new background because I think the quality looks pretty bad but I guess I have made worse! And honestly I am so proud for thinking of this photo AND the Canyon in less than 10 minutes (I am not very creative lol).