Taken 3? More like Liam Neeson must be an awful father

Truthful Movie Poster – “Imagine if movie posters told the REAL story about the fillm they’re advertising. Redesign an existing movie poster by changing the text/images to tell us the real story.” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/truthful-movie-poster/

  1. Figure out which movie poster you want (honestly hardest part)
  2. Figure out what you want it to say
  3. Add the text on top of the blank movie poster, making sure that the colors and font are at least a little similar to the original
  4. DONE = SAVE


So when I came back from my Europe trip a month ago, my parents decided to FINALLY watch Taken 3 (they had been eagerly awaiting my returnĀ  before watching it). My dad asked me if I had seen it yet (looked pretty interesting) but I said “Nah, I saw the first one, but after that he just becomes a bad father”. So as soon as I saw this assignment I figured hey, might as well do Taken 3. Also, I watched Deadpool like a day after that and when he basically said the same thing I said my inner fangirl came out full swing. Which doesn’t really happen. Plus, do Marvel characters even have fangirls?

So the story behind this is that Liam Neeson has lost his daughter for the THIRD time (not a complete fact, but hey, this is my story). The first time was in Europe. Then it was at the mall. And finally, the grocery store. Neeson decides that what is best is to just microchip his daughter, never let her move out, and have her take online classes the rest of her life. Eventually, his daughter finds DS106, falls in love with it, and sees my post. She is slightly offended, finds out she’s been micro-chipped, drops out of all other online classes to move to Hollywood to try to be a singer with a blog. The end.