Yes Mr. Walmart janitor, I am taking a picture of your restroom sign.

So this blitz was definitely more of a challenge than the first one for a few reasons. One, I couldn’t just find everything in my house, I had to actually actively search in public places for my items. Two, I couldn’t just find a picture that could explain itself, I had to find things to photograph that took my own reasoning behind it. My own personal perspective. Three, I couldn’t take a natural looking photo of proportion or unity no matter how hard I looked. I believe this is because when I have an idea of something in mind and I cannot find it, I run into trouble for looking outside the box. Whereas for the pictures I have in my slideshow, I saw an automatically thought this is it. And to me, that is my most important instinct for art, photography and storytelling in general. Otherwise, I have to force a story or edit the photo to death before being okay with it.

So the first photo is for color. It is definitely something I need to explain because it was not what I was going for originally. To me this photo has multiple usage of color. First one is how the tie dye on the left is full of warm colors, the one on the right is full of cold colors, and the one up top is a mixture of both. This of course drew my attention in. Why is it that I put all the warm colors on one and cold colors on the other and I like those better than the mix of the two? I honestly believe this is the perfectionist side of me coming out. I want all the warm colors together to wear when I am wanting to feel happier (exam day?) and then cold colors for pretty much any other day. Why would I ever mix them? But the top shirt is a mix of warm yellow and cold blue? Why does this work for me? My only explanation is that together they make a pretty color. If I tried to mix blue and orange then my shirt would be brown. Ew. When I first saw these shirts together I thought it looked like warm vs cold and the greener shirt was the mediator. This in itself was its own little story. I also analyzed why bright colors are used for tie dye. Well pastels would probably fade and would have more of a preppy style than bright hippy rainbow colors. Black and white is just… what? a cow shirt? Sepia would just be a yellow and brown shirt. So a diaper tie dye. Great. I also liked how the kit came with blue, pink, orange and yellow. No red, but two warm colors similar to red. This made me wonder why but my only explanation was that they could sell more for a price versus just the three primary colors. So the bright and bold rainbow colors it is! The reason I believe this was a bad design is because I really wanted a picture of a romance movie ad that was all pink and girly, or a horror ad that was black and gray and creepy. Then I could talk about how the colors add to the mood and change the meaning of each ad. Not a picture with all the colors combined. And definitely not a picture that had to be explained so much just to share my reasoning of taking it in the first place.

The next picture is a symbol of a women’s restroom in Walmart. I felt SUPER weird for taking this and so my trade off for getting a pretty dull picture was my embarrassment for putting myself in the position of publicly taking a photo of a restroom sign. Did I mention this was public and I had an audience? ANYWAYS yes this photo is a symbol, not too much explaining needed here. Go me. I think this was interesting though because if someone is looking for the restroom, they immediately look for the little stick lady wearing a dress or the stick man. These very basic figures represent a location. How odd. And the handicapped restrooms have a stick man sitting on a C and people understand that the C is a wheelchair. If I was a kid I probably would have no clue. The thing separating each of these rooms is simply a dress and a C. That’s it. No wonder I accidentally used the men’s restroom that one time! I believe I hit the nail on the head here with the whole “symbol” thing, it was just not as fun as the other three. But better than taking a picture of a doorknob for the function picture (but again, embarrassing).

The third picture is for minimalism and again needs more explaining. This photo also receives a love/hate reaction from me (though I am my worst critic). This is from one of my friends houses, who is a huge zen hippy that eats organic and goes to yoga. She does not have much artwork around the house but she has this. This picture is also right next to the door when you walk in. To me this says, “This is who I am, I will let you know that right now. I am zen. My house is zen. Even my dog practices zen (he doesn’t). And I hope you wish to at least accept this idea as you walk into my home.” That is minimalism to me. When you have one picture of something, anything, and it means a whole lot of things. This is not her saying she praises Buddha, and therefore not a symbol. This is a piece that represents her ideals and practices. I am proud of noticing this canvas and for seeing this for what it is, which could not have been possible if not for this class. This class has definitely made me step out of my comfort zone, think out of the box, and notice more of the little things. Thank you ds106. I may not be awesome at this kind of stuff yet but I am trying to catch up to your level! Slowly but surely. This may not be what someone would call minimalism, and maybe I failed at that part, but this is my idea of minimalism and for that I pass myself with this design!

The last photo is of balance, or symmetry to be specific. I tried so hard to find natural symmetry but this was as close as I could get (who knew the flowers around my house could be so painfully unsymmetrical). This was awesome to me because even the trees bend in the same direction and I have half a bench on either side of them. I also love how the background is very unsymmetrical. One side has a tree up close, the other a far away tree with a bright sky. The contrast between the foreground and background throws me for a loop every time! The difference here is that the symmetrical foreground is a man-made set-up while the background is nature being it’s chaotic self. I pass myself for this design as well, even though I wanted a design that was either symmetrical or not.