My house in mostly black and white in 17 pictures.

So I really enjoyed running around looking for things to take pictures of! Of course using a phone as a camera always makes the pictures look less defined and more a blurry chaos so I had to try to find a way around that (good lighting is key here!). Anyways, I picked my house ( downstairs specifically) for my pictures because the lighting is better and every room has different things so I knew I would have variety. It was actually a lot easier than I thought to find what I needed, but was still tough because I was running around thinking about how I would run out of time and my dog kept getting all excited and blocking my way. I originally wanted to take pictures outside but I wasn’t quite sure what all was out there plus it was super sunny that morning and I wasn’t sure how to handle the brightness. Since I am not a huge photography person, some of my pictures (abstract, converging lines, etc.) sort of felt like improv. Which made me realize I should probably research some common photography terms. I think the pictures with the white walls as a background made really nice pictures while the pictures with my dog are messy and complex. Which is annoying because the pics with my dog are the hardest to take. I was really only proud of finding a cool ceiling picture. If I didn’t want to take a picture of my chandelier then I probably wouldn’t have even realized there was a beautiful spiral in the ceiling! In addition, it was disappointing to take a picture where it looks like my dog is moving, considering she moves for about 80% of my pictures. Overall this was a really cool experience!

What I learned about this is how my own personal experiences have influenced how I see the world. For example, I LOVE my dog so I add her into many pictures I take, whereas if a random person wanted to do this same assignment in my house they may not use her at all. I also noted that when I saw the word “complex” for the last photo I immediately thought of all the technology we own because to me technology is a giant symbol of complexity. Then when I saw these chaotic cords behind my TV it was like double the complexity because cords ARE complex (ever try untangling them?). Through taking these photos and searching for things to photograph, I also realized just how many objects are in one room and how different they look in a variety of lighting and their different shadows. I also noticed the shape of each room and the walls themselves. My eyes were drawn to more detail than to just barely grazing the surface.

Another thing I learned is that I like a complex photo. I liked the 20 attempts to take pictures of my dog with other objects and framing the hummingbird with the leaves to try to make it look more realistic. I liked the effort it takes to take a good photo compared to just taking a picture of a pattern. The difficult pictures are the ones that make me use my brain a little.