A haunting key appears. But what is it for?

I did the Moving Object assignment again just because I wanted another reason to use Vine and because I like the spooky effect it makes. Here is a key that appears to Paige to unlock a lot of secrets. Next up: the final project! So tune in!

So this tutorial will be similar to the one I did before, since this is my second time doing the Vine assignment.

First, of course, bring up Vine. Click the little camera next to the three dots in the top right corner.


Next, just hold your finger down to record whatever you want.


Save and upload it to Vine! Then on your laptop you can go to Vine and save your creation there.

When Mr. Owl wants to know how many licks it takes to kill you.

Moving Object – “Make a moving object using Vine.”

So this project was actually so easy it should not have been four stars. That saying, I guess my tutorial will be a little different this time since it is so short.

  1. So first you have to actually make a Vine account.
  2. Then on the top right where there is a smiley face in a bubble, a camera, and three dots, hit the camera.


3. This will take you to where you can record your vine.

4. Once here it is time to record! Just hold down on the screen to record. If you lift your finger it stops recording.


5. When you are done recording you can edit the vine or create text under it.


6. Done! Save and upload.

So for this assignment I tried to use the shaking camera I saw and reflected on in one of my earlier posts. When the camera was on the Joker it seemed to shake which added a really cool (or I guess, creepy) effect. It almost symbolized how crazy the Joker is but at the same time it could be the shaking (symbol for fear) of the audience/mobsters. I mean let’s face it: the Joker is a scary guy. I would be shaking too if he was sitting a foot away from me!

I wanted to do this assignment because I have always had a Vine account but have never actually made my own vine. I figured this could be a great opportunity to try making something on a new website, and the experience ended up being pretty simple! I also had to think of what prop to use that I could make a story with, which was actually pretty hard at first. I had an idea of what I wanted but I have long out grown dolls/toys/stuffed animals. Luckily my sister let me borrow one of her creepier stuffed animals (I love owls but look at those eyes!)

“It was a warm summer day and I was home alone. My parents were at work and my sister was at her friends house. I was making myself a sandwich when I heard the first noise from behind me. A fluttering sound. Almost like a bird was in the house. I searched around and finally found my dog, who was cowering in a corner staring at something. I turned my gaze to where her eyes were looking and saw… nothing. I was confused but figured she maybe just had a bad dream. I return to my lunch and this time heard scampering. I whipped around to catch whatever it was to see a whole lot of nothing. I shook my head, figured I was losing it or something. I walked over to the kitchen table and sat down. This time I felt something soft bump into my ankle. I peered under the table to see two wide golden owl eyes staring back at me. I jumped up with a start and knocked my chair back, startling my already terrified dog. She had enough adrenaline to run and hide but all I could do was stare at this toy. How in the hell did it get there? If my dog had seen it, the toy would have been torn to shreds in a heartbeat. Heartbeat. My own was fluttering just as that noise I heard earlier had. The fluttering! It had to have been this toy! I shook the thought out of my head because it was just too impossible. Within seconds I watched this toy bump into my leg. This gave me enough of an adrenaline rush to run to my stairs. Being extremely clumsy, I hit my toe on the wall next to the banister. I took a shaky look down to see blood bubbling on my foot.


I dramatically and in slow motion had to crawl up the stairs, because that is what I have seen in the horror movies. I glance behind me and see this:

I passed out from fear at the top of the stairs and when I woke up the toy was gone. I called 911 and told them my house was being haunted by a stuffed owl and they immediately sent over an ambulance. Now I am in the psych ward and all the toys around me keep staring at me. Please make them stop.

The End. “