meOW! Love bites


“The course of true love never did run smooth”

Shakespearean LOLcat – Combine a cat pic with an appropriate Shakespearean quotation.

I honestly just wanted to do this one because the example Shakespearean cat made me laugh so hard I wanted to try it! I think this is more digitally related than storytelling related, seeing as memes are all the rage right now. So I guess by making this, I am one step closer to making a funny meme. Media point one, me zero. Cats are also heavily used because let’s be real: cats are hilarious. I knew I wanted a love quote by Shakespeare, considering they are usually either deep or ironic. I also know that cats tend to fight or do weird things so finding a picture would be easy. The quality isn’t the best so I have learned which Photoshop apps to use and which ones to avoid. This is also the picture that has made me discover many different apps and their usages.

All I really did was add text onto a photo. But the story here is hilarious. “Fight like a married couple” is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this picture. That saying, I decided to use a bittersweet quote to convey that meaning. Here one cat is obviously nipping at the other, maybe over some catnip or for being woken up from their nap. I can just hear the narrator saying the Shakespearean quote right now.