Hola, me llamo Bella. Soy una perra bonita. (It’s been awhile since Spanish, okay?)


Dog it Out – Take a picture of your Dog, or any animal that you have. Then upload the picture to a any desired editor. Edit the picture to make it something unique and interesting.


So as you all probably know by now, I adore my dog Bella and love to use her as my muse. I actually took this photo on our walk earlier for the Daily Create and just had to put it on my blog. What better way than to do a simple edit so she looks graciosa? This is a mix of digital and storytelling. She is obviously edited through an app, but also makes the viewer wonder where she is going and why the sombrero? Is she heading out for tacos? Is she really a “she” with that mustache goin’ on? If so, then why the disguise? Stay tuned for more of “The Bella and the Beautiful”.

“Hi hi hi hi my name is Bella and I have too many boyfriends in my neighborhood. SO in order to get some peace on my walks I dress up as a man. Crazy right? SQUIRREL. Anyways, the dog next door is my number one but the new pup down the street is too cute so in order to keep them off my tail I have to wear this dumb disguise.”