My new band: Psychotria Pseudoplatyphylla


An Album Cover – Manipulate the picture, resize it, add some other color, whatever. Do the same with the band name and album title, put them over top. However you wanna do it. Make it look cool.

I love music, so picking this assignment was a no brainer.  So this assignment was cool for me because there is some digital learning here, with all the different methods used to create this work, and there is also storytelling here. I see this and the first thing I see is this ripply wave picture that’s covered with a shroud of mysticism. Then I see this super long band name that looks like a mental disorder but is in fact a plant. Lastly I see this super mysterious and slightly paradoxical album name of “Know What Can’t Be Done”. Like wow. Let me go buy this immediately and listen to what they have to say. There’s also a part of it that makes me wonder, what kind of music is it? Is it a boy or a girl band or both? This was also easier to create than I thought AND it was fun to see what I randomly got assigned by the random selector thingy. Luckily for me, each piece came together to fit into one large puzzle.

What I did here was take the image I was randomly given and use the Ripply filter. Then I added the title of the band in a big metal looking font in bright red. Lastly I put the album name on it in a color similar to the water and also in a slight wave because why not keep up the theme?