The bangs are gone but the sass isn’t.

It’s weird to me that I used to have bangs and wear sunglasses allll the time because now I hate both. Also I used to do this cute scrunchy face thing but when I tried to recreate it I looked like I was just in pain so I stuck to something safer.

2 thoughts on “The bangs are gone but the sass isn’t.

  1. I love seeing pictures of people when they were little. So much cuteness. I would have loved to know more about the bang struggle. I know it so well. My mom gave me perpetual bang haircuts in childhood and recently I think it would be wise to try it again. Never a good idea. Growing out bangs is literally purgatory to me. Anyways I loved the daily create! If I had to other a constructive comment I would say for the post to be longer because, again, I love relating to the bang struggles 🙂

    1. Haha it was awful but for some reason in eighth grade I wanted to try it again and regretted it because I have naturally curly hair and never straighten it lol. Yeah some super DS advice here: stay away from bangs! Haha. Thanks! I usually don’t add stuff to my daily creates because I save all my energy for the real deals (assignments). Thanks again! I’ll try harder in the future.

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