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  1. Links to tutorials and final story
    1. Visual, 4 1/2 stars
    2. Video, 4 1/2 stars
    3. Video 4 stars
    4. Design 4 stars
    5. Audio 4 stars
  2. What I’ve learned because of this class:
    • So my mental image of this class was that it was going to be either some easy blog where you post stuff and get an easy A OR it was going to involve a ton of technological stuff and artistic stuff, both of which I struggle with immensely. But it turns out DS106 fell right in between. In it I learned so so much. It was a fun blog experience but it was harder than just a website. First it was setting up a website. Who knew how much effort would be put into that? Then it was learning how to capture interesting photos and how to create a story for the media instead of just “here’s a photo”. I learned to think of a story first and then create my media. Then it was learning how to use all these different apps: Photoshop, Audacity, Movie Maker, Vine. I even learned how to download a new app onto my laptop! Then I learned about design and why big businesses make the designs they do involving text and color and spacing. After that I learned about how effective audio stories are and why they are better than television and reading: you don’t have to make an effort like reading but get to create your own image unlike TV. I learned about Foley sounds and got to study movie techniques that I didn’t even knew were a thing. I’ll probably never be able to watch Kubrick or that Joker scene the same again! I learned how to take pictures and make audio stories and use sound effects and make my own movie. These are things I wouldn’t have known how to do without this class. And an even more basic thing: I learned how to use a laptop. Before this class all I used my laptop for were research, papers, Netflix and sometimes social media. That’s it. Now I know how to save files and Photoshop and I have all these apps to fuel my creative side. And even more than this, I learned that I can still be creative. I used to be in the creative writing club and have a journal full of half made stories. I thought I lost that. I thought I was all logical and no creative. But this class gave me a vessel that I could write through. This class grabbed that little piece of creative story telling in the back of my brain and yanked on it so hard that now all I want to do is write.
    • So yes I learned a few things. I have learned things about visual, audio, design and video. I have also learned more than that. I have learned more about computers and technology. I have learned more about myself. And honestly I am going to miss this class. Honestly I wish I took it for a whole semester so I had more time with it, more time to develop my skills and more time to prove myself to not only the professor who helped me so much but to the whole class and ultimately the whole world. So I’m not sure if I did this reflection right because it is so much different than the last four, but this is me laying everything out on the table.
    • Final project reflection:
      • So thinking of the character is what took up the most time. I knew I had to think of a story first and a fitting character so I looked at the story first. A lot of people liked my dog stories but my dog was at the groomers all week. A lot of people liked my creepy stories but I wanted to change it up. I did a few and even though they all got compliments more than any other story, I was tired of feeling like I was telling the same story over and over. So I thought, “I need a twist and a new style”. Poof I got it. Of course I got a few ideas that I used even though thinking back I am sure I have seen or read some of them before and subconsciously used them. But I got a human girl. That’s relate-able. What is the twist? Ah yes, I saw a Missing Person poster in the assignments. Oh and Spooky Sounds? Perfect. I looked through the assignments to see what would fit my story. Then I tried to think of a story that wasn’t written like all the others but still pulled people in. So I made it in the style of a letter and tried to use the five senses to appeal to the audience. I need a twist. So I thought, she’s missing but let her find herself. Ah yes very deep. Now onto doing the actual assignments. The gifs took FOREVER. I had to have my sister film me and that slowed me down. I tried to keep my face out as to add to the mystery of the story. Then I made my missing poster which was super fun. Then the audio, which was similar to my past audio but this one was progressive in threatening sounds. And longer. The key wasn’t as I imagined but I don’t own a skeleton key. Sorry. I also tried so so so hard to memorize sign language so I could do my own video but that was just impossible to do in a few days.
      • Overall: I was surprised at how easy it was to do these four star assignments and at how little time it took! The weeks before were such a struggle that they had to have prepared me for this. Honestly most of the time spent was on brainstorming and picking out the assignment ideas. Not the actual assignments themselves. Which made me super proud. When I would get stuck I would think about if I was ever in that position the past four weeks and figure out a way through it.


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