Week three ended up being my favorite even though I dreaded audio the most

So this week flew by AND it’s Friday and I’m already writing my weekly summary? Look at me go! I was super stressed I wouldn’t have had time to work on things because last weekend was a holiday weekend and I had friends and family over and basically all Monday was booked. So I somehow got all my work done in 4 days and I am completely satisfied with everything. I feel like I did a lot more with my assignments this week than the past two, but that may just be because it took me so long to do each one. I probably should have checked over them a few more times. I will note that for next week.

Tuesday I did my daily create number one and it took me forever to find a baby picture. I had to hold a huge investigation just to find my baby photo albums. Then it took me another half hour to find somewhat matching sunglasses and a dark background to try to match the setting of my baby picture. Then I had to perfect the hairdo, strands of hair on my shoulder, and the pout-y look. To be honest here, I definitely let my perfectionism take a hold of me because I definitely made the daily create harder than it needed to be!

Next I did Part one and listened to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad’s podcasts. I definitely imagined a much more boring interview (well to me most interviews are boring unless they are psychological in some way) but these podcasts were actually pretty interesting and inspirational. For some reason, listening to them explain audio was almost like them patting me on the back and saying, “It isn’t as scary as it seems, trust me. Just be yourself.” That was really the whole theme here, be yourself and try to connect to the audience. I was definitely being myself in my audios and even my daily create audio, but the whole idea was a little less scary after listening to their podcasts. I also thought there was a bit of a societal implication because Glass was talking about how some people will try to sound like other famous TV or radio people. This is a kind of mimicry used to try to be like a famous person and ends up looking like conformity because they are trying to be like other people and not themselves just to please their audience.

Wednesday I went completely out of my comfort zone and actually did the audio daily create (number two). I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. This may sound stupid but when I first saw the daily create I was like N-FREAKING-O. But then because it was audio week and I could feel Ira Glass telling me to try it, so I did! I almost cried with how proud I was.

Next I listened to some of the resources, specifically part of the detective stories, Foley Sound, and the Wilhelm Scream. To be honest the detective stories one was the most boring one but I was able to hear the back and forth dialogue used by the hosts and heard that in the podcasts I listened so for Part 3. I also learned about Foley Sounds, which I really never knew before and now I feel kind of dumb for trusting my senses when watching movies. Oh and the Wilhelm Scream video was hilarious! I had no clue that I could have watched one of those movies (most likely Star Wars) and have heard that scream multiple times! I didn’t even know producers could do that! Just borrow a sound effect and use it as their own?? It also reminded me of the “My leg!” guy in Spongebob you hear every other episode.

So for Part three I listened to two different podcasts because I’m dumb and didn’t see the giant “OR” in between the American Life and Radio Lab audios… so I did one of each. Which now I am thankful for because I got to hear twice as many stories when otherwise I would just be watching Netflix or something. So for my American Life audio, I listened to “Getting Away With It” and some of the stories were boring but I really really enjoyed the drug smuggling one. This one made the whole audio worth it. I cheered on a drug smugglers family. Never thought that would happen. Then I listened to the Radio Lab “Ghost Stories” and I got to hear the creepy history of the first CPR doll as well as a few plain old horror stories that made my heart jump. I really enjoyed listening to these audios. If I could go back though I would probably just listen to the Ghost Stories audio and really focus on that and then listen to the one drug smuggling story in the other just for fun. This way I wouldn’t be so tired from focusing and feeling and taking notes from the first one to take away any awesomeness I could have put into my assignment. But things happen and I learn from them! NOTICE THE OR. PAY ATTENTION.

As a side note, Part 3 was semi difficult only because I had issues bouncing back and forth between focusing on the story itself and how the story was told. If they were shorter than I would have just listened to it twice but I didn’t really want to spend 2 hours listening and then another reflecting. I tried to do both but I kind of feel like I fell short on my reflections because I suck at multitasking.

Thursday I did my Daily Create number three and decided that I wanted my national holiday to be about animals because they don’t get enough love in this world. So I wanted a national bring your dog to work day, found out that it’s already a holiday, and made it bring your pet to work day. HA. This includes all the other fluffy/scaly pets and isn’t exclusive!

Part four was my favorite part of the week. It was the most fun and the most frustrating. It took me hours (not an exaggeration) to figure out what to do with Audacity for my assignments. But the storytelling was the most fun I have had so far! I tried to think of a story first then do the assignment and it was way easier to work with! I also tried separating the tutorial and explanations from the story itself by using italics (like in my books when there’s a story in a story). I also attempted to make more detailed/longer tutorials this time around. I won’t go too much into the details for my assignment summaries because I already wrote a lot in my reflections. So for the first assignment I decided to do an audio story using only sound effects. I chose to do a horror story out of inspiration from the “Ghost Stories” podcast. I ended up wanting to screaming at Audacity multiple times because I could not figure out how to copy and paste the sound effects or how to shorten/lengthen sound effects. I think I found out most of what I needed but I don’t think I will ever use Audacity again unless I have to. I think Audacity is loved by many but, as you know, I am not tech savvy. I can do the storytelling easy peas-y but the digital part is what I am working on. My second assignment was easier than the first because all I really used was SoundCloud (so easy thank goodness) and freesound. This one I was trying really really hard to think outside the box with because everything I typed into Freesound came up. Finally I tried to bribe my sister into doing her animal impressions or something and all I could get was her whining. But hey, I didn’t see that in Freesound, only animals whining. SO I decided on why not? This is the noise I hear every day and I can’t be the only one so let me share it with all of SoundCloud and Freesound. Maybe someone can relate.

Friday I did my last Daily create for the week and it could have been a little more fun. I was an idiot and didn’t wear my shoes outside so I tried a few different poses and ran back inside feeling like the skin on my feet melted off onto the pavement. This was fun but more pain than I thought it would be for sure.

So I had trouble commenting on other people’s blogs this week. It seems a lot of people like to wait until the weekend, which is their choice, but I need to make lots of constructive comments on different blogs! And I can’t just comment on the same two girls I see actually keeping up with the work! Very frustrating. And then there are some blogs I can’t even find a comment link for because of their blog layout! Anyways, I got a lot of compliments on storytelling this week but my favorite is when people ask me for my opinion or perspective on things. When I make comments I like to ask about their inspiration or ask about what influences their work. I’m not sure if this is constructive but I feel like everyone makes a digital story based on something personal and the psychology major in me loves to analyze what makes them want to make a specific piece.

So this week I feel like I learned a lot about sound effects! About how they are used, when they are used and which ones are best. I also learned I like the conversational/back and forth speaking style in podcasts. I also learned about different intro styles based on another persons blog! I liked listening to audio stories and using them as inspiration to tell my own stories. I didn’t like Audacity. It was just very confusing for someone not technology savvy. I really don’t have anything to complain about. All we had to do this week was do some intense reflecting and two assignments that were fun. Oh and story-tell but that’s just super fun and… well… the class.

The only questions I have is how much do we need to write for our Daily Creates? And by “5 comments on other people’s blog, they must be different people” is it 5 total comments but can be for three different people, or 5 total comments for 5 different people? Because not to be mean but I can do the first one but finding five people who actually do work before the weekend… now that’s a challenge!

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