What better way to tell a story than through movies? #VideoWeekRules

So I thought this week was going to be a little nerve wracking because I hate being videotaped even more than audio recorded and then realized I had options. I even had fun with the background/practice assignments: to read Ebert and then analyze movie scenes. How fun is that? Even the column was about movies and I could easily relate it to psychology. I did have some problems with reflecting on the Ebert column but I’ll get to that later.

Tuesday I did a whole lot of work because I was going on vacation that upcoming weekend and knew I wouldn’t have much time to focus on my assignments. I did my first Daily Create for the week. It was super easy and fun and I even had to show my sister how to do it so she could go make her own C64s. The only challenge here was finding a picture that was the size I needed.

I then did that difficult-to-reflect-on Ebert assignment. I just didn’t know enough about the video techniques he was talking about prior to the assignment, which lead to some researching. Now usually researching is pretty simple, however, this time I kept finding different answers for every video technique! Eventually I just went with the things I understood and reflected on them. I also loved to connect them to psychology because how educationally funtastic is that? I get to use my psychology knowledge in a computer science class! I did get a compliment on my reflection and that always boosts my confidence in my work. The feedback was about how I should connect more assignments to psychology in the future because it makes the post more interesting. Shout out to the commenters! I also chose the first three movie scenes/techniques to watch because I love Kubrick and Tarantino but they were so cool to watch I watched them all!

Notes I took after writing my first reflection for the week:

“I feel like I was all over the place for this reflection. I had so many things I wanted to say at once and it was hard to organize my thoughts on the post while conveying what I was thinking properly/effectively. I tried to be honest in my opinion and when I read over it, it felt like I came out short. I also tried to tie this into my major because I feel like it is a psychological experience to have your mind tricked/frightened or to be pulled into a movie for a realistic experience. Personally that is what makes a good movie. To be pulled into a movie and invest in characters and cry when a character cries, feel the whole range of emotions. Scream at the movie, laugh at something, even mentally connect with a character.”

Next I chose the Joker movie scene and analyzed the video. I liked this part even more than the Ebert column because I just had to focus on one movie scene. I chose the Joker scene because I knew he was a complex character and that his character was phenomenally portrayed. Heath Ledger was brilliant. This assignment made me realize what all I understood from the Ebert assignment: colors, foreground vs. background, dominance, and angles. (Probably more but these ones were my favorite.) I was also confused on how a person standing/moving in a certain direction is supposed to subconsciously convey if they are favorable or not. And I was confused on the difference between tilting and moving in a diagonal so I had to research those as well, to little avail. I was also extremely proud of myself for remembering the techniques I did because I can promise you that I didn’t even refer back to the original column.

Then I tried out my first assignment and for as simple as it looks, it gave me hell. Yes it was my fault for trying too hard to make the slideshow a story instead of just random pictures, but boy what research. If I ever actually go to Italy or Japan I am officially ready with ideas on activities and food. That’s how much research I put into this one assignment. Youtube also decided to shut down on me twice and therefore had to redo my movie twice. Then I couldn’t get the movie on my website for the life of me so I just put the full movie back onto Youtube and uploaded it onto here. Overall took me almost 3 hours to do.

Notes I took after the first assignment: “I tried a different story style this time. I liked last weeks italics but this post felt different, like my story was to sell my movie. So there’s a story for the movie but because this assignment is about a place I want to go I made the story future tense. I also say “we” as to include the reader. I feel like I did this in a weak way because it wasn’t my usual present tense style but I worked really hard on order and the activities/food. I also realized afterwards I should have put the food in with the activities themselves but my OCD got the better of me and wanted to keep the 5 activities and 5 food ideas separate in the movie, possibly for a comic effect. (Ooo pretty scenery. Oh and food?)”

I also made my first two comments on other blogs:

Wednesday I did my second Daily Create and I actually learned something from this one; what my face looks like when I get annoyed or whatever, and that it isn’t a pretty sight! Geez!

Then I did my second assignment, which I had a lot of fun with! I learned how to use Vine and that I don’t always have to use Youtube to upload assignments. I also learned that if I want to embed something onto my website I need to “Share” a piece of work instead of copy the embed link. I also got some leg workout from running up and down the stairs haha. I also enjoyed making the stop motion movie because some of my favorite movies as a kid were stop motion clay-animation! (Nightmare Before Christmas is a big one) So it was pretty cool to try that for myself. And increasingly annoying because of the need to move the object just a little, record and repeat 10 times. (I never said I was patient).

Thursday I did my third Daily Create and had a lot of fun with it! I had to find and explore my new fancy Paint app and that was surprisingly easy. It also took me a few tries to make my continuous line art but ended up pretty happy with it! I couldn’t figure out a way to make the ground area so I just stuck with the sky. I was also pretty proud of myself for coming up with an idea so fast!

Friday I did my last Daily Create. This was cool because I have never looked up a map on my laptop before, only my phone. I also got the chance to use paint again and it wasn’t as fun as my continuous line drawing… but still pretty fun. Except I couldn’t figure out how to crop it… Oops! I also did it in the morning so the only place I really was was my home and breakfast with my friend! But I wasn’t about to put my address on the internet haha.

Looking back I am really disappointed in myself this week. I feel like my work and reflections weren’t as strong and weren’t as good as I wanted them to be. This idea in my head was challenged by Ira Glass when he told his audience to not give up on our audio stories just because they aren’t what we imagined in our heads. I took this into consideration and figured, hey, I am still learning here. This is week one of video and I have all the time in the world to perfect my video skills. Thank you Ira Glass.

I also feel as if I have learned a ton about how to use a computer in general (plug-ins, downloads, saving things, files). I have also learned how to edit photos, audio and movie scenes on a plethora of different apps/websites (Vine and Paint this week).

I also gave feedback on other blogs basically asking them why they chose to do what they did. I guess I could blame this on my love for psychology! Again.

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